Learn Spanish words while listening to Reggae

For all you reggae lovers out there that want to learn a second and / or new language we have some interesting ideas. An interesting approach to learning a new language is via music. If you’re a fan of toots and the maytals that is good news because many of our newly released songs will be in Spanish. Have you ever dreamt about learning a new vocabulary and traveling to exotic latin destinations outside of Jamaica? Instead of opening a text book or dictionary it can be a lot easier. Especially if you combine learning a new language with an app or software program.

What are the origins of Spanish reggae songs? Well of course it all started in Jamaica, but as many of you know this Caribbean country is based in a latin part of the worlds. Of course the latina women are among some of the most beautiful in the world and you guessed right, they all speak Spanish! For more poor parts of the world simply taking spanish classes online was not an option. So the people from the islands started to communicate with each other using hand signals and after a while the communication started to improve. Fast forward 500 years and half of the island of Jamaica speaks fluent Spanish. The islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic have great relations with the reggae world and many artists travel around.

Because of this mix of influences and mutual inspiration there was a lot of mixing between these people. This lead to a lot of Spanish albums being recorded in Jamaica. What a crazy thing, right? It’s incredible how simply the power and language of music can be the most well-spoken language in the world. Even more than a global language such as spanish.

What are your opinions personally? Do you feel reggae should always be in English or even French? Or are you open to many different flavours and options and feel you are ready to embrace the latin sensation and learn some spanish words online yourself via songs and music. You can start reading spanish articles sooner than later also. There are also many telenovelas and news articles that bring a world of fascination to you. Much better than simply opening a text book or dictionary if you ask me!